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23 May 2021

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Yamaha WaveRunner

VX1050A-W and VX1050E-W
Primary ID range F4N 0800101 – 0803740

VX1800A-W and VX1800C-W
Primary ID range F4S 0800101 – 0803460

Primary ID range F4P 0800101 – 0801740

Primary ID range F4M 0800101 –

Jet Ski Social Ride – Monday 5th October ’20

Wow! This is when Jet Skiing just cant get any better Woo Hoo – Roll on Sumer 🙂 #jetski #jetskixxx #extremejetskiproducts #unicornjetski #brp #seadoo #kawasaki #yamaha #waverunner #jetskiclub #jetskiservices #jetskiracing Jet Ski Club – Jet

Download the new 2020 Product Brochure here

Download the new 2020 Product Brochure here.

JetSki.XXX Brochure 2020 web







Download the JetSki.XXX Oil Waterproofer and Viscosity Index Booster here





North Stradbroke Island Jet Ski Social Ride – July ’20

Cruise around North Straddie – saturday 4th July 20

Wow another amazing day on the Skis. North Straddie never lets us down for the abundant beautiful marine life and incredible scenery. Enjoy the shots!

How to use JetSki.XXX – Extreme Gleam Polish

Extreme Gleam – Professional Grade Jet Ski Polish

Designed to make your Jet Ski Shine & protect it from Sun damage.

Premium blend of polymers, resins and ultra high melting point waxes for maximum paint protection
Protects the

How to use JetSki XXX – Extreme Condition

Designed to keep all the surfaces of your Jet Ski like new. Ideal for hulls, Vinyl Decals, bumpers, fittings and Race Numbers.

Protects all surfaces of the Jet Ski fading and deterioration Specifically designed for use

How To Use “Extreme Fresh” Jet Ski Wetsuit Wash

Extreme Fresh – Jet Ski Wetsuit Wash

Designed for cleaning, conditioning and maintaining Jet Ski riding gear

 Removes salt, chlorine, bacteria and unwanted odours

Place all Wetsuits, Tour Coats, Gloves and Boots and gear into a large tub

Australia Day 2020

There’s no shortage of big days out on the water in Australia, but they don’t come any bigger than our national holiday known as “Australia Day”.

Falling on January 26th ensures it’s usually very hot, so

How to flush your Jet Ski – JetSki XXX Extreme Flush guide

How to use JetSki.XXX – Extreme Flush to flush a Jet Ski.

How to Wash your Jet Ski with JetSki.XXX – Extreme Clean

How to wash your Jet Ski to be salt free in under 10 minutes. Video Production for the Jet Ski Book – Jet Ski Best Practices.

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Extreme Clean – Jet Ski Wash



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