Christmas Day the Jet Ski way 2019

Jet Ski Club

Hi everyone,
It's on again this year. It's Christmas Day the Jet Ski way!

This is the day you do what you want to do most - so we go riding!
Everyones welcome to join us as we pack a Christmas lunch picnic and head off for a social ride before enjoying a yummy lunch with our Jet Ski mates. blma

This year the weather is looking great so we're heading to Karragarra Island. rdsk1

Our plan is to leave from Paradise Point at around 8.30 and there are others leaving from around Moreton Bay.

We'll go for a ride for a while and do some sight seeing before setting up for lunch.

If you'd prefer to leave from elsewhere then you could just meet us along the way. otahr

You'll need to bring

Your Jet Ski and a full tank only (no spare fuel required).
An anchor
A packed Christmas lunch. We usually just all bring a plate of something to share fby

Snorkelling gear, blow up toys, blow up lounges etc Theres a great fenced swimming enclosure.
Sun protection
Picnic Rug
And an awesome sense of humour and FUN!!

If the weather changes we do this anyway, rain or shine. We'll still ride to have a picnic but it may just be at another location wh

Afterwards everyone is wc to come back to the Jet Ski Shack for some Christmas Cheer in the Pool br wn pt1

Hope to see you then!! rdsk1



Fun First!
Well what a beautiful day!
One minute it was the morning then it was late in the afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for a terrific day doing what we love most rdsk1 sta



Fun First!
Woo Hoo! and the vid!

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