Media Release – Jet Ski Safety Alert

Jet Ski Club

Media Release – Jet Ski Safety Alert

Over the past 8 weeks there has been at least 5 people admitted into hospital with severe injuries resulting from Jet Ski collisions.

The last two weekends have seen 2 young children suffer severe head injuries.

Worldwide the leading statistic for causing severe injury and death on a Jet Ski is collision.

This can only take place when Jet Skis are ridden in close proximity to each other, to other water vessels or water users of any kind, or the Beach.

Every license instructor in the country will tell you this when you get your license. However there is the industry (business) side of our sport that appear to have no interest in your safety, just selling “the dream”.

Well it is a dream. If you are looking for a fun safe water sort that the whole family can enjoy. Jet Skiing is it.

BUT, never, ever breach what is called “distance off”. This is statistically the leading cause to ruin your holiday fun.

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