POSTPONED Autumn ride day @ Somerset Spit - Saturday 14th March 2020

Jet Ski Club

Its time these Jet Skis had a run in the fresh water!
Join us at Somerset Spit (southern end) for a day of "JetSkiing Fun in the Sun!"
Bring a quick shade and your floating toys an esky full of tucker and your bevvies.
We're planning to get there between 8.30-9am and will set up somewhere there's a bit of room. Let us know if we need to save you a space too.
The cameras will be rolling all day so bring us your best Aussie Jet Skiing style and lets show those northerners how much fun we have down under. chr rotfl bleh

See you at the Somerset Spit and watch out for the Yowies!!!

Jet Ski Club

Due to the weather we've decided to postpone our day out at Somerset :( Not only is it a bit windy and wet for the coming weekend but the water quality has tested badly and they have had to close access too.

Hopefully we'll get some lovely autumn weather soon!