Saturday 10th August '19 - Manly to Point Lookout

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Hi everyone,

We'll be leaving from Manly (northern ramp by the Coast Guard) at around 8am on Saturday and heading south of Peel and then around up to south passage. From there we will make our way along the northern face of North Straddie and around to point lookout then south for a few kms.
Supercharged Skis may want to carry an extra 20 litres of fuel.
Dont forget your flares, V Sheet, Type 2 or level 50 life jacket.
For this ride we take a thermos of coffee and some snacks as we sit off shore for a fair while to watch the last of the Whales go past.
Please ensure you reply below if you're going to join us. We already have 6 Skis so will only be able to take a few more.

Afterwards we'll be having lunch at the Moreton Bay trailer Boat Club next door to the boat ramp :)

See you on the water!


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If the weather doesnt do the right thing we'll probably change this to a Brisbane River ride from Manly instead :) Updates later in thje week!


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I am fairly new to the Jet Ski life. How do you guys carry extra fuel? I have a 310lx, should the fuel sit in the storage at the front?


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Hi mate,
Whilst the storage at the front is large the manufacturers (Kawasaki & seadoo) recomend no more than around 40pounds (being from the USA).
We tie the fuel to the back deck. There is a very good tutorial in Jet Ski Best Practices along with tips on everything you need to know. Alternatively bring your fuel a couple of ratchets, a couple of short ropes, 2 cable ties and some foam matting with you to the ramp and I'll shoe you how to tie it on so that you can refual at sea if you have to and reboard if theres ever any issues at sea
Hope to see you then! :)


Hey id be interested in this run or if it's too windy quite happy to navigate the Brisbane river


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Hi Longjon :)

Well it's going to be windy so we're now heading out from Manly still but up the Brisbane River instead :)

Over the last few years the Australian Jet Ski Association has been involved with the Brisbane City Councils' River Acess Program.

We're going to check out each of these wonderful Jet Ski friendly infrastructue addidions, photograph them and show the facilities that they open up for us.

Everyone is still welcome to join us :) The Brissy River is always FUN chr


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See you at the ramp tomorrow 8am everyone :)

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